Bringing the Outside In...

Gift from my flower girl...

This is a simple and easy tip for everyone, not just our chronic disease friends. 

It is a simple tip to keep the sun shining warm on your face, by bringing the outside in...

Here in the DC metro area, we have what I call the winter blues. It’s the long days of gloom, cold and rain that face Washingtonians every winter, and makes us long for sunshine and dream of our sunny humidity filled summers.  I just want my flip flops, and to feel the sunshine on my toes.  

So, with the help of a wise teacher; I learned the lesson of bringing the outside in. Whatever you miss when trapped for the umteeeth day inside, bring a piece of it inside... 

For me, that’s easy. I need the promise of Spring.

So over the years I have cultivated an orchid collection from my visits to Trader Joe’s.  Just today I had to walk away from the $2.99 potted baby daffodils. I just long for sunshine in a pot. How does that not make you smile?!  For me, it’s all about the flowers and an orchid can stay in bloom for months at a time.

I have lavender sachets that I have hidden in the sofas, closets, drawers and the disaster that is my mud room. I bring my seashell collection out in the late winter, a silent tease and symbol of summer. I put sand, or in a pinch, dry white rice in a dish, small round jar, old ash tray and then display my treasures from the sea. There is something so magical about touching sea shells, setting them on top of your favorite book or just running your fingers over the edges.  It’s relaxing. 

Anything from the outside world, brought inside, to keep my spirits lively till the first real signs of Spring, when I can leave my windows and doors open and experience the real thing. 

So today, do a little something to bring the outside in... 

You won’t regret it and it will bring a smile to your face. 


photo credit: PilgrimageGal

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