Press and other mentions...

As PilgrimageGal I get to write and chat... This is a small selection of interviews and articles by me or about me.

Every so often, extraordinary super smarty pants folks ask me questions:

This is an interview with the amazing Amy Joyce of my hometown paper the Washington Post- "How to parent while having a chronic disease".

Had a chat with Pamela Brown of ABC right before she moved to CNN - "Cold induced urticaria, Kathryn Ferguson allergic to cold".

Patient Worthy interview- "This Honest Mom Doesn’t Want You to Be Ashamed of Your Rare Disease".

Patient Worthy video interview series - "Getting My First Rare Disease Diagnosis", "Getting a PFS Diagnosis", "Chronic Disease is like a Bad Boyfriend".

My BFF Jessica McFadden a.k.a. 'A Parent in America', wrote about our friendship at her amazing blog, "Pilgrimage Gal Kathryn Ferguson Lives Unlimited."

Occasionally I get to ask the questions. Here I am interviewing Father Larry Gosselin OFM about his new book and long friendship with Mother Teresa - "I have Been Waiting For You - A Personal and Spiritual Journey with Saint Teresa of Kolkata"

PilgrimageGal other writing assignments:

Autoimmune Mom - "An Autoimmune Mom’s Choice: Happiness As The Mom You Are".

The Mighty - "6 Ways to Keep Friendships Strong While Living with Chronic Illness".

The Mighty - "What a ‘Great Day’ Means to a Person With Chronic Illness".

Patient Worthy - "Thanksgiving… A Promise Kept".