Saint Teresa of Kolkata and her BFF...

When Jeffrey and I moved to Santa Barbara; I emailed one of my dearest friends and influential thinkers, Father Michael Ryan, Pastor of St. James Cathedral in Seattle, Washington. Sharing that we had embarked on yet another adventure. I was hoping that perhaps Fr. Ryan's vast network extended to Santa Barbara and I could connect with some new spiritual friends. Fr. Ryan is the real deal. I could spend hours talking about his character traits or of why he has influenced me and shaped my world view. I can tell you that I go to the

web page at St. James

and read his homilies to gain his wisdom and relive the joy of attending his masses when we lived in Seattle.

What Fr. Ryan has offered me for over 20 years is just simply love. I know without question that when Christ was teaching his early followers about the nature of love... It was with friendships like this in mind.

In one of our email exchanges, Fr. Ryan told me to get over to the Mission and get connected with one of his life long friends from Seattle, Fr. Larry.  Fr. Ryan called Fr. Larry, "A very holy man and dear friend."

What Fr. Ryan didn't know was that I had already found Fr. Larry--and instantly knew why Fr. Ryan loved him.

People of Faith know there are no coincidences, only the the opportunities that the Divine has placed in our midst--and that we have had the good sense to uncover.

Both of these men will forever be etched on my soul as great teachers. I have had the gift to spend nearly everyday getting a hug from Fr. Larry Gosselin, OFM, having him hear my confessions, attending mass with him or even just sitting next to him in our staff meetings. Fr. Larry has blessed and anointed me when my health issues have been more than I can carry alone.

What makes my friendship with Fr. Larry so unique, is that it's ordinary and everyday. We laugh all the time about everything--about coffee and chocolate cake, about our shared love of great music, and when Fr. Larry tells a story about his life long adventures, you just want to curl up on a chair and listen. Because when he shares his truth about anything you are left forever transformed. In today's world, we place stars and celebrities on pedestals, we make them something other than what they are...

What makes holy people Saintly, is their humility. We often overlook them because they are quiet in the good works.

In keeping with the spirit of St. Francis and the Franciscan order, Fr. Larry is a humble man.  He has been a witness to many moments where the veil that separates us from God is ever so thin. It is in his holiness and his grace that I meet Christ. Early this Spring, I learned that Fr. Larry had written a book about his friendship with Mother Teresa. He gave me an advance copy before the books went on sale and I read it in a day. I devoured it.  I was stunned by the book.  It is an amazing story about his deep friendship with Mother Teresa and how it developed.  I pestered him about getting the word out so others could read it. I also said that I would be happy to do anything to help him. That is how I ended up interviewing him in this little video.

Without question after I'm gone; the Church will spend time studying two great saints and this book will mark that friendship and be studied by scholars and believers alike as the guide to a friendship in our midst.

My grandchildren will be able to say their grandmother was loved by a saint and made a video about one of his unique life experiences.

So now watch this little interview and go buy the book!

I have been Waiting for You...

Peace be with you,