Tuesday Tip - Wrap Your Way to Comfort...

Since I got so many nice comments about my first Tuesday Tip on bedding and PJs, the theme will continue. But, I promise not every Tuesday Tip will require a hit to your pocketbook.

Today, I’m going to tell you about the most important clothing item in my wardrobe.

My cashmere wraps.

I know cashmere is pricy and it is definitely a luxury item. But, the little wraps are the yummiest, most beautiful things I own and worth every penny.

I wear my wraps with everything in my closet, from sweats and jeans to my fanciest of fancy.

The times they have mattered most is when I have used them as the equivalent of my childhood blanket.  I always wear them when I’m all but naked on the exam table of my favorite hospital or doctor’s office. The wraps I have are soft, warm and provide a little bit of love when I’m at my most vulnerable. When you are in one those stupid paper gowns that we are all so fond of donning, a cashmere wrap provides a gentle hug.

The DC metro area is a place of extremes, cold in the winter and hot and humid in the summer. So my wraps are a staple, I wear them all year round. I use them in church and the car as a blanket and cover my summer shoulders in the air conditioning tundra at the store. I’ve wrapped my kids in them as I carried them to the pediatrician’s office.

They are lightweight and delicate, but hold up well to my rough and tumble life.  All of them are still beautiful. I get compliments on them constantly.

You can find cashmere wraps a lot of places, but my go to source is Garnet Hill.

(Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. GH has sadly paid me nothing, not even given me a wrap. Ditto on the friends and family, who work there.  Not a one, but wish I did!)

I have or should I say, my beloved husband, has given me a wrap for my Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day and one time just because I whined a lot.  That covers the four I have (pink, grey, blue and teal) and my collection will continue to grow. I hope they make a bright green one for my Irish national holiday!

GH makes cashmere wraps in a zillion colors, and I hear you, $178 is a little steep, but they do go on sale and I have never paid more than $120 sometimes right at $100.  So if you keep change in a change jar, or skip your lunch out for a few weeks you will have saved for the single best purchase in your wardrobe.

http://www.garnethill.com/cashmere-wrap/334124 They just rolled out the spring colors and with the 25% sale til the 20th, I’m seeing some new friends in my closet!  

So there you have it. Wraps, love, love, love.


photo credit: Garnet Hill