Press and other mentions...

As PilgrimageGal I get to write and chat... This is a small selection of interviews and articles by me or about me.

I wrote an article for the Washington Post about my daughter’s diagnosis and battle with anorexia, “She was 11, with an eating disorder. It took her mom to figure it out.

Every so often, extraordinary super smarty pants folks ask me questions:

This is an interview with the amazing Amy Joyce of my hometown paper the Washington Post- "How to parent while having a chronic disease".

Had a chat with Pamela Brown of ABC right before she moved to CNN - "Cold induced urticaria, Kathryn Ferguson allergic to cold".

Patient Worthy interview- "This Honest Mom Doesn’t Want You to Be Ashamed of Your Rare Disease".

Patient Worthy video interview series - "Getting My First Rare Disease Diagnosis", "Getting a PFS Diagnosis", "Chronic Disease is like a Bad Boyfriend".

My BFF Jessica McFadden a.k.a. 'A Parent in America', wrote about our friendship at her amazing blog, "Pilgrimage Gal Kathryn Ferguson Lives Unlimited."

Occasionally I get to ask the questions. Here I am interviewing Father Larry Gosselin OFM about his new book and long friendship with Mother Teresa - "I have Been Waiting For You - A Personal and Spiritual Journey with Saint Teresa of Kolkata"

PilgrimageGal other writing assignments:

Autoimmune Mom - "An Autoimmune Mom’s Choice: Happiness As The Mom You Are".

The Mighty - "6 Ways to Keep Friendships Strong While Living with Chronic Illness".

The Mighty - "What a ‘Great Day’ Means to a Person With Chronic Illness".

Patient Worthy - "Thanksgiving… A Promise Kept".